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Barbie Favor Box Label

Barbie Favor Box Label

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Editable Barbie gable box labels are a delightful and versatile addition to any Barbie-themed event or party. These customizable labels offer the perfect way to add a personal touch and creativity to the gable boxes used for party favors or gifts. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a playdate, or a themed gathering, these labels can be easily tailored to match the overall decor and style. These editable Barbie gable box labels not only make the presentation extra special but also add an element of fun and excitement to any Barbie-themed occasion.

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• Editable Gable Box Label: 6.25"x3.5"

• Instant access to edit your template after purchase! No waiting, edit today using
• No software download required!
• Simple and easy to use.
• Basic edits can be made on your phone or iPad
• Flexible customization, you can add texts, move texts, change text color and size, add images

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