Collection: Super Mario

Super Mario is a popular video game franchise that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades. If you're planning a Super Mario-themed party, you may be interested in both printable and physical party supplies that can help bring your party to life.

Printable party supplies are a convenient and affordable option that allows you to customize your party decorations and favors. Some popular Super Mario printable party supplies include:

1. Invitations: You can find a variety of Super Mario-themed invitations online that you can print out and customize with your party details.

2. Cupcake toppers: Add a touch of Mario to your cupcakes by printing out themed toppers that you can attach to toothpicks.

3. Party hats: Print out Super Mario-themed party hats that your guests can wear during the celebration.

4. Banners: Create a custom Super Mario banner with printable letters that spell out a fun message, such as "Happy Birthday!"

5. Favor tags: Personalize your party favors with printable favor tags that feature your favorite Super Mario characters.