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Barbie Favor Box Label

Barbie Favor Box Label

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Editable Barbie gable box labels provide a delightful and personalized touch to any Barbie-themed party or event. From adding the guest's name to crafting a heartfelt message, these labels offer flexibility and convenience, making the event truly unforgettable for all the attendees. Transforming ordinary gable boxes into eye-catching party favors, the editable Barbie gable box labels ensure that every aspect of the celebration reflects the magic and wonder of the Barbie world.

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• Editable Gable Box Label: 6.25"x3.5"

• Instant access to edit your template after purchase! No waiting, edit today using
• No software download required!
• Simple and easy to use.
• Basic edits can be made on your phone or iPad
• Flexible customization, you can add texts, move texts, change text color and size, add images

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