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Barbie Favor Box Label

Barbie Favor Box Label

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Editable Barbie gable box labels offer a fun and customizable way to elevate any Barbie-themed party or event. These labels are specifically designed to fit onto gable boxes, creating an eye-catching and personalized presentation for party favors, treats, or gifts. What sets these labels apart is their editable feature, allowing users to easily add names or  messages. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a playdate, or a special Barbie-themed gathering, these editable Barbie gable box labels add a delightful touch that will leave guests with lasting memories of the occasion.

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• Editable Gable Box Label: 6.25"x3.5"

• Instant access to edit your template after purchase! No waiting, edit today using
• No software download required!
• Simple and easy to use.
• Basic edits can be made on your phone or iPad
• Flexible customization, you can add texts, move texts, change text color and size, add images

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